Getting Into Fan Fiction: Some Of Our Favorite Sites

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If you are a fan of reading books, novels or fantasy characters of films or television etc. then you are probably can be a fan fiction artist because fan fiction is a collection of write ups or stripped cartoon and text series mainly based upon these different and fantasy characters from magazines, books, cartoon series, TV shows or inspired by films. The fans of these characters pick any character from any source of their choice from their favorite book or show and illustrate them in their language with their own story and words but due to some policies the writers should take the needed copyright from the main creator or writer of that character or series. The fanfiction artists can make their imaginary stories or series in any manner like it is not necessary that if they are taking any action character from a fictional book or novel then it is not compulsory that they should weave the story in the action or dramatic form. They can weave any comedy story or a non-fictional one with their own imagination in their own words and the readers all around the world are loving these characters. These fan fiction stories and series are available both in print and digital form for the viewers and there are many sites who are very popular among the readers of fan fictional characters worldwide. Here we will talk about some of the most popular and readable fan fiction sites for the viewers.

Fanfiction Sites

There are many famous fanfiction sites which are very popular among the readers and the writers and some of these are here:

  • This site has a huge following because of its variety of contents. It has a very large library of fanfiction characters with different story lines. So people who like to read many and various types of fanfiction characters and also want to create some new ones then they can visit this site for their fantasy of reading different kinds of fanfiction characters.
  • Archive of Our Own: This is named as AO3 and in this site the reader can search for the exact story which they like to read and also have some very different and exciting contents available for the readers in the story line criteria which have high quality stories and fanfiction characters
  • Tumblr: This site is very famous as it not only allows reading but also allows sharing of other fanfiction stories for readers. People can also promote their own fanfiction work or stories which they created or want to create as a writer on this site.
  • Commaful: This site is also very popular as it has a different and most amazing gallery of fanfiction characters. One more important feature is that the readers can access very easily their favorite one from the library.
  • Wattpad: This site is mostly famous in the youths as it includes the teen favorite‚Äôs fanfiction characters like Justin Bieber and Harry Potter, so they have mostly teen followers worldwide and as a pop star fanfiction character stories it is also famous in the young ones.
  • Kindle Worlds: This site is majorly known for making money for the fan fiction writers as they can write, share and promote their work here and by investing some efforts it can profit the readers and writers both.
  • Quotev: This is the site which is mostly famous for roleplaying fanfiction characters and quiz based upon the stories of the characters. It also has a big community of fanfiction readers and it also has a chat and messenger tool for readers comfort.

There are also many more fan fiction sites which are also famous for their distinctive fan fiction area like DeviantArt is mostly popular for its art based and illustrative fictional form to engage more readers and also being attractive to the fictional creature because of their multiple image programming designs and profile updates. Reddit is also a fan fiction site that is mostly famous for its fantasy and horror based fan fictional characters.

Fan Fiction Types and Genres

There are many types of topics and genres for fan fiction around those the story tellers weave their stories. These genres are many like some fictional creators put their characters in different universes or alternative worlds which are not humans or species of Earth. They can be aliens, citizens or creatures of an alternative universe who have many super powers or special features and they can conquer the whole world or universe by their powers. So how’s it? Cool isn’t it? So these kinds of stories are called super fictional or universal stories. The next one is the stories of the fan fictional characters that are weaved around horror and dark topics. This is called angst genre which involves dark and saddened script in their depictions. The next genre is comedy in which characters are involved in a comedy write up and these stories are full of humor and attract the children more with their funny picture illustrations and dialogues. Next genre is known as one shot which as its name reflects is short and sweet and … Read The Rest